eu flag europe for citizens en"Mod of Life" association is looking for project partners for the project YOU(th) should CARE” which is going to be submitted under September 1th of Europe for Citizens call for proposals.
Project description:
There is a strive concern to stimulate young people to go to vote and to exercise their rights as citizens; in the same time there is an urgent need for measures intended to show to European population in general why the European Parliament is important to them, in which way it affects their lives, and why there is a need to vote in the next EP elections.
YOU(th) should CARE” project aims to raise awareness among young people of the European Parliament's role in representing citizens, defending their rights and values in the EU's policy-making process, and offering them opportunities for political and social change.
The target group is made of young European citizens (age 16-30) from across the EU including the leaders, parents and entrepreneurs of the future, as well as those responsible for supporting and taking forward the integration project.
Contrary to many stereotypes about young people, recent movements from the “Indignados” in Spain to the “Occupy” protests worldwide show that the European youth – severely hit by the on-going crisis – cares deeply about social issues, is acutely aware of European principles such as solidarity and tolerance, and is passionately committed to working for progress.
At the same time, however, many young people in the EU do not actually exercise their right to vote in EP elections and do not engage in the European policy-making process more generally. The previous EP elections in 2014 saw an extremely high rate of abstention among young people, at 71% of EU average.
This apathy stems from a popular feeling of estrangement and dissatisfaction with the Union but also from a widespread lack of understanding about how the European Parliament can provide people with tangible benefits and with a channel of influence over EU policy, such as by direct participation in European elections.
In order to achieve the overall aim this proposal has the following objectives:
  • To contribute to young citizens' understanding of the European Parliament in representing citizens in the EU's policy-making process;
  • To bring the youth closer to European Institutions in order to make them discover how they work and what is the role that those institutions hold in their everyday life;
  • To inform and motivate youngsters across Europe to take an interest in European issues;
  • To foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at European Union level;
  • To stimulate young people to exercise their right to vote in EP elections;
Project activities include:
  1. Kick off meeting;
  2. Web page development;
  3. European wide level pools in order to gather young people`s opinion towards European Union and its institutions;
  4. Developing informational and promotional materials;
  5. Local workshops in each partner country with young people;
  6. 5-days meeting with young people from all partner countries which will be simulate the deliberations of the European Parliament. The participants will make fractions, discuss and adopt resolutions on a specific topic.;
  7. European competition for young people to express in an innovative and convincing manner how the EP and EU affect their lives. Participants will be encouraged to use any creative ways to present their opinions and draw attention to their ideas;
  8. Development and implementation of awareness raising local events in each partner country in order to build young people understanding of the European Parliament in representing citizens in the EU's policy-making process;
  9. Awarding ceremony for the winners of the competition & evaluation meeting
Interested organizations should send attached „Partner organization profile.doc” document together with a CV (in Europass format) of the person in charge of the project to:Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea.with a subject line “YOU(th) should CARE” project.