Between December 1th 2016 until December 22th 2017, Mod of Life association implemented the project ”We are all equal” is co-funded by European Comission through Europe for Citizens programme –action 2.3 Civil society projects. 

The project is acting as a catalyser for integration and anti-discrimination intervention. The project was conceived and can substantially be seen as a step forward in a long pattern of changes in the behaviour towards integration and anti-discrimination of stakeholders and actors at different levels. It also provide a solid forum basis for attracting the attention, interest and consideration of policy makers and relevant practitioners on the necessity to foster integration and contrast discrimination.


The project ”We are all equal” seeks to promote tolerance, multicultural understanding, and to fight immigrant discrimination in Europe by an innovative approach that combine quantitative researches, meetings between different representatives, stakedolders, CSOs and citizens, fields visits, a training course on antidiscrimination and European awareness raising campaign. In order to reach project goals  the dialogue on strategies against racism is promoted and the partners jointly work on innovative good practice approaches.

Project objectives were:

1.To evaluate the types of discrimination faced by immigrants in Europe while exercising their civil rights, by conducting qualitative research among involved actors.

2. To involve representatives of the public institutions, NGOs, citizens in drafting policy recommendations and antidiscrimination measures.

3. To combate discrimination practices that target immigrants in 5 areas of civil rights: education, labor, housing, health, goods and services, through specific training offered to 24 participants of the project.

4. To raising awareness of public authorities, employers, the public and the immigrants regarding human rights and the discrimination by running an antidiscrimination campaign.

Implemented events are described in attachment.